October 26, 2014

Microsoft Word "problematic feature".

   Today I'm going to tell some words about interesting bug, which I found in MS Word. After googling I found a post in social technet which described my situation and explanation that this was a feature not a bug since Office 2003.

   Situation is quite simple, I tried to open a document which was created using a template from a folder on server. Opening took about 30 seconds. So it was not good. I found out that if I switched off a network connection, this document had opened immediately.

   Well, I started a search and found a path to template in a folder on old server. I marked this field by red oval.

   I changed it on a current template in actual folder on new server and got rid of this problem for this particular file. Luckly, this problem was on one computer and unfortunately there were a lot of files to change.

   I decided to follow MS advice and created a full path on this computer with every folder as it was on old server. But the problem with server name left unresolved. First, I decided to create an entry in hosts file but it didn't work. Then I understood that I need to create a CNAME in DNS with association between old server name and name of this machine. Finally, the problem has gone!

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