May 2, 2017

SLAE compilation problem

   This is a quick note about how I overcame some compilation problems during my SLAE course. Review about the course will be soon. So when I tried to compile shellcode that simple spawn a shell using code that was provided in videos I faced: "Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault." I checked everything not once, everything was OK, no stupid typos and stuff like that. So next after some googling I found 2 questions on stackoverflow with similar problem. Problem was that in current systems all .text area are marked read only by default. 

1. First advice was to use -N option while linking: ld -N shellcode.o -o shell (
2. Second option is to use gcc with -omagic option: gcc --static -g -Wl,--omagic -o shellc shell.c (

   Both ways were working as a charm.

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