May 17, 2012

Short note about password recovery in Ubuntu.

   I know that there are a lot of ways and posts about password recovery. But I'd like to write it as small instruction for myself. Also it is one of ways to enable root account in Ubuntu. I'm not going to discuss whether it is right or not. Every user can answer this question to himself. 
  Let's start. We need LiveCD with Ubuntu.
Step 1. Load to LiveCD. Execute terminal.
Step 2. Type
sudo fdisk -l
We will see partitions, hard disk name. Remember the name of partition, where Linux is installed. We will need it further.
Step 3. Then mount remembered partition using:
sudo mkdir /media/linux
Step 4. Then we should change root on mounted partition
sudo chroot /media/linux
Step 5. Finally use "passwd" to change password to any user or root.
Step 6. Reboot and use.

  My next posts will be about FreeBSD gateway with NAT, firewall, squid and some other services in network with Active Directory.

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